Rabi-oscillation-enhanced frequency conversion in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers

  • Benjamin LingnauEmail author
  • Kathy Lüdge
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  1. 2017 Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices


We investigate the nonlinear light propagation in InAs/InGaAs quantum-dot-in-a-well semiconductor optical amplifiers in the limit of strong optical excitation where Rabi oscillations are excited in the active medium. The amplifier is analyzed in a degenerate four-wave-mixing setup and characterized by its frequency conversion and creation performance. Our simulations show that the interplay between the nonlinear four-wave-mixing process and the coherent Rabi oscillations greatly influences the frequency conversion process. Rabi oscillations can be resonantly excited by the correct choice of the frequency detuning between pump and probe signals, which greatly enhances the nonlinear frequency conversion efficiency at frequencies up to several THz. We furthermore show that the coherent pulse shaping of ultrashort optical pulses in the quantum-dot medium can greatly enhance their spectral bandwidth, potentially allowing for ultra-broad-band frequency comb generation.


Quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers Four-wave mixing Rabi oscillations 



This work was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft within CRC787.

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