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Non-linear structure of the light-intensity-output versus pump-input characteristics in self-pulsing lasers

  • Belkacem MezianeEmail author


This paper is intended to show that laser-intensity-output versus excitation characteristics of bad-cavity configured lasers deviate from the linearly expected evolution when these are driven beyond the instability threshold. These deviations result in collapsed curves with marked and discernible intensity-reduction at the onset of instability. Such behaviors are shown to be rooted in the fundamental and intrinsic aspects of both the single mode homogeneously-broadened laser and the inhomogeneously-broadened system. In addition, we clarify, for the first example, the physical origin of a hysteresis effect which is known to occur when the pump-input power is scanned from levels above to levels below the instability threshold. As for the inhomogeneous case, a lateral hole-burning effect, which takes place in the spectral profile at high excitations, is shown to shift the output-intensity towards higher levels, with respect to the steady-state values. Simple theoretical elements are put forward to identify the physical origin of these features.


Laser theory Instabilities and chaos Nonlinear dynamics 


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  1. 1. Université d’Artois, UCCS Artois, UMR CNRS 8181Lens CedexFrance

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