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Use of optical fiber bundle in digital image plane holography

  • Nazif DemoliEmail author


Use of optical fiber bundles (OFBs) in digital image plane holography systems is limited due to, first, poor quality of transmitted images through the OFB and, second, further image degradation caused by overlappings in the image (also hologram) plane. Existing systems are aimed at near-distant (order of a centimeter) objects and use demanding procedures to achieving acceptable quality of holographic reconstructions. This paper presents an OFB based holographic system capable of achieving fast and good-quality holographic and interferometric reconstructions of far-distant (order of a meter) objects. The proposed system is based on performing subtraction operations through the image acquisition interface buffers directly accessed to process the holograms and instantly display the output. The system is analyzed theoretically and its effectiveness is validated by experimental results.


Digital holography Digital holographic interferometry  Optical fiber bundle 



This work was supported by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (project No. 035-0352851-2854). The valuable technical support of prof. Dalibor Vukičević (University of Strasbourg, France) is highly appreciated. I also thank to prof. Jakob Woisetschläger (Graz University of Technology, Austria) and Juraj Brozović, DMD, who helped in analyzing interferograms.


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  1. 1.Institute of Physics ZagrebCroatia

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