Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 45, Issue 7, pp 693–698 | Cite as

Green functions for photovoltaic response of quantum wire-dot-wire junctions

  • A. BerbezierEmail author
  • F. Michelini


We investigate the photovoltaic properties of a quantum dot connected to quantum wire reservoirs using numerical calculations within the non-equilibrium Green function formalism. We examine impacts of the hopping parameter that controls each dot-wire contact for a monochromatic light at energy equal to the isolated dot gap. Global current increases when the hopping decreases, following the short-circuit current and the open-circuit voltage.


Quantum dot Green functions Photovoltaic Modeling 


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  1. 1.Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, IM2NP UMR 7334Marseille Cedex 13France

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