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Robust design of Si/Si3N4 high contrast grating mirror for mid-infrared VCSEL application

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A Si/Si3N4 high contrast grating mirror has been designed for a VCSEL integration in mid-infrared (λ = 2.65 μm). The use of an optimization algorithm which maximizes a VCSEL mirror quality factor allowed the adjustment of the grating parameters while keeping large and shallow grating pattern. The robustness with respect to fabrication error has been enhanced thanks to a precise study of the grating dimension tolerances. The final mirror exhibits large high reflectivity bandwidth with a polarization selectivity and several percent of tolerance on the grating dimensions.

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Chevallier, C., Fressengeas, N., Genty, F. et al. Robust design of Si/Si3N4 high contrast grating mirror for mid-infrared VCSEL application. Opt Quant Electron 44, 169–174 (2012). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11082-012-9578-8

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  • High contrast grating mirror
  • Mid-infrared VCSEL
  • Robust design