Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 40, Issue 11–12, pp 801–811 | Cite as

Closed-loop modeling of silicon nanophotonics from design to fabrication and back again

  • Wim BogaertsEmail author
  • Paul Bradt
  • Lieven Vanholme
  • Peter Bienstman
  • Roel Baets


We present a method for component-centric modeling of silicon nanophotonics, where a closed optimization loop allows to take the effects of the fabrication process into account during the design of nanophotonic components. This enables black-box component descriptions with functional parameters. Underlying mask layouts of the components can then automatically be optimized for their actual performance, and not just for their geometric layout. To simulate the effect of fabrication, we developed a projection lithography simulator which was included inside the optimization loop. This method was applied to the design of a 1-dimensional distributed Bragg mirror.


Modeling Nanophotonics Lithography Design 


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  • Wim Bogaerts
    • 1
    Email author
  • Paul Bradt
    • 1
  • Lieven Vanholme
    • 1
  • Peter Bienstman
    • 1
  • Roel Baets
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Information TechnologyGhent University - IMECGentBelgium

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