Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 39, Issue 15, pp 1253–1272 | Cite as

Trends in microdisk laser research and linear optical modelling

  • Alexander I. NosichEmail author
  • Elena I. Smotrova
  • Svetlana V. Boriskina
  • Trevor M. Benson
  • Phillip Sewell


Research into microdisk lasers demonstrates new achievements both in the technology and in the associated physical effects and applications. Melting and rounding of the disk edge boosts the Q-factors due to improved surface smoothness. In-plane cavity shape is widely used as a design instrument. Optimal shaping of pumped area lowers the threshold power. Photonic molecules made of several microdisks as “photonic atoms” show lasing at several closely spaced frequencies. A microdisk with a single quantum dot as an active region is considered as the most promising system for realisation of a single photon emitter necessary for quantum computing. These new effects and devices can be simulated with accurate numerical techniques, developed recently for “warm-cavity” linear modelling, that are able to bring a new vision of the physics of lasing.


Microcavity laser Active region Single quantum dot Photonic molecule Q-factor Linear threshold Integral equations 


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