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On experiments in harmonically excited cantilever plates with 1:2 internal resonance

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This work presents some experimental results for resonant nonlinear response of hyperelastic plates for 1:2 internal resonance. Previously developed topology optimization methods are used to design and fabricate candidate resonant plates using 3-D printing. One such plate is subjected to harmonic transverse excitation with increasing amplitudes in a frequency range where 1:2 internal resonances are expected to be activated. While the fabricated structure exhibits coupled mode internal resonance activated response when subjected to higher levels of excitation, the plate also displays other interesting nonlinear behavior. These include nonlinear periodic as well as amplitude modulated motions of the directly excited mode and these motions super-imposed on the coupled mode response.

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This work was supported in part by the Alpha P. Jamison Professorship endowment at Purdue University. The authors would like to also thank the reviewers for some constructive suggestions that have certainly improved the clarity of the presentation.

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Correspondence to A. K. Bajaj.

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  • Experimental nonlinear dynamics
  • Topology optimization
  • Internal resonances
  • Hyperelastic materials