Nonlinear Dynamics

, Volume 91, Issue 2, pp 1213–1227 | Cite as

Isogeometric collocation for nonlinear dynamic analysis of Cosserat rods with frictional contact

  • Oliver Weeger
  • Bharath Narayanan
  • Martin L. Dunn
Original Paper


We present a novel isogeometric collocation method for nonlinear dynamic analysis of three-dimensional, slender, elastic rods. The approach is based on the geometrically exact Cosserat model for rod dynamics. We formulate the governing nonlinear partial differential equations as a first-order problem in time and develop an isogeometric semi-discretization of position, orientation, velocity and angular velocity of the rod centerline as NURBS curves. Collocation then leads to a nonlinear system of first-order ordinary differential equations, which can be solved using standard time integration methods. Furthermore, our model includes viscoelastic damping and a frictional contact formulation. The computational method is validated and its practical applicability shown using several numerical applications of nonlinear rod dynamics.


Isogeometric analysis Collocation method Cosserat rod model Nonlinear dynamics Frictional contact 



The authors were supported by the SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design (DManD) Centre, supported by the Singapore National Research Foundation.


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