An infinite 2-D lattice of strange attractors

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Periodic trigonometric functions are introduced in 2-D offset-boostable chaotic flows to generate an infinite 2-D lattice of strange attractors. These 2-D offset-boostable chaotic systems are constructed based on standard jerk flows and extended to more general systems by exhaustive computer searching. Two regimes of multistability with a lattice of strange attractors are explored where the infinitely many attractors come from a 2-D offset-boostable chaotic system in cascade or in an interactive mode.

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We thank Dr. Akif for the help with circuit simulation. This work was supported financially by the Startup Foundation for Introducing Talent of NUIST (Grant No. 2016205), the Natural Science Foundation of the Higher Education Institutions of Jiangsu Province (Grant No. 16KJB120004), Open Fund of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Meteorological Observation and Information Processing (KDXS1401) and a Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions.

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Correspondence to Chunbiao Li.

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  • Offset boosting
  • Multistability
  • Infinitely many attractors