Nonlinear Dynamics

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Global Mittag-Leffler stability and synchronization of impulsive fractional-order neural networks with time-varying delays

  • Ivanka Stamova
Original Paper


In this paper we consider a class of impulsive Caputo fractional-order cellular neural networks with time-varying delays. Applying the fractional Lyapunov method and Mittag-Leffler functions, we give sufficient conditions for global Mittag-Leffler stability which implies global asymptotic stability of the network equilibrium. Our results provide a design method of impulsive control law which globally asymptotically stabilizes the impulse free fractional-order neural network time-delay model. The synchronization of fractional chaotic networks via non-impulsive linear controller is also considered. Illustrative examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the obtained results.


Global Mittag-Leffler stability  Synchronization Neural networks Fractional-order derivatives Time-varying delays Impulsive control Lyapunov method 


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