Nonlinear Dynamics

, Volume 74, Issue 1–2, pp 31–44 | Cite as

Chaotic synchronization of Rikitake system based on T-S fuzzy control techniques

  • V. Vembarasan
  • P. Balasubramaniam
Original Paper


This paper studies the chaos synchronization of the Rikitake system based on Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy control techniques. By employing the Lyapunov function and linear matrix inequality approach, the fuzzy controller design is presented to synchronize the two identical Rikitake systems. Finally, numerical results and simulations are given to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed results.


Synchronization Rikitake system T-S fuzzy control Lyapunov function Linear matrix inequality 



The authors would like to express our sincere thanks to the editor and the anonymous reviewers for their timely and competent reviews.

The research work of V. Vembarasan is supported by DST INSPIRE Fellowship, Ministry of Science, and Technology, Government of India under the grant no. DST/INSPIRE Fellowship/2011/278 dated 21.12.2011.


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