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The Laalam (Algeria) damaging landslide triggered by a moderate earthquake (Mw = 5.2)

  • Y. BouhadadEmail author
  • A. Benhamouche
  • H. Bourenane
  • A. Ait Ouali
  • M. Chikh
  • N. Guessoum
Original Paper


On March 20th, 2006, a moderate earthquake (Mw = 5.2) struck the Laalam (NE-Algeria). The damage was centred in the Laalam village where four deaths, 68 injured and more than 40 housing units destroyed making dozens of peoples homeless. Damage and casualties are directly related to an earthquake-induced landslide occurred at 10 km far from the epicenter (ISC relocation). The landslide rupture, mapped by using a ground based survey, is striking NE-SW along a 1-km length rupture with a 45 cm of lateral displacement. The rupture plan is dipping 40° at the surface and showing horizontal striations. A 75 cm of pre-2006 lateral displacement is also observed indicating a repetitive behaviour of the landslide. The last time where the landslide was activated extends back to 1974 following another moderate earthquake. This landslide reminds us the high level hazard of induced ground failures due slope instabilities in mountainous zones of seismically active areas.


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The authors would like to thank Pr. J.J. Bommer and Pr. T. Glade for their valuable remarks. We thank also Dr. Maouche S from CRAAG for his suggestions.


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  • A. Benhamouche
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  • H. Bourenane
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  • A. Ait Ouali
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  • M. Chikh
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  • N. Guessoum
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  1. 1.National Center of Applied Research in Earthquake Engineering (CGS)AlgiersAlgeria

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