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Une bele conjointure: the structure of Galeran de Bretagne


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Beston, J. Neophilologus (2008) 92: 19. doi:10.1007/s11061-007-9059-7


This essay analyzes the structure of Galeran de Bretagne in order to dispel the concept of it as a mere expansion of Marie de France’s Lai le Fresne. Renaut, the author, has carefully plotted the course of the story beforehand, with a sense of proportion and direction. He controls the direction through a number of parallel scenes early and late and a series of tableaux that are dramatically vital, not static like woodcuts. Galeran can appropriately be considered an instance of what Chrétien de Troyes called une bele conjointure.


Old French romance Galeran de Bretagne Jean Renaut Chrétien de Troyes Marie de France 

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