, Volume 92, Issue 2, pp 301–319

»Alarm in Zion«. Antisemitische Stereotype in Friedrich Glausers Detektiv-Romanen


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Bühler, P. Neophilologus (2008) 92: 301. doi:10.1007/s11061-007-9053-0


Friedrich Glauser’s first detective-story, Der Tee der drei alten Damen, published shortly after his death in 1939, has been dismissed as a trivial thriller which merits hardly any critical attention. By neglecting the novel, the critics have also overlooked its blunt anti-Semitism and have thus failed to notice the more ›subtle‹ use of anti-Semitic stereotypes in Glauser’s unanimously acclaimed Studer-stories. Therefore the article explores the anti-Semitic stereotypes of Der Tee der drei alten Damen and the Studer-novels Die Fieberkurve and Die Speiche.


Friedrich Glauser Anti-Semitism 

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