Microsurgical resection of pineal region tumors


The extensive variety of possible histologic subtypes makes it imperative to establish a tissue diagnosis in patients with pineal region tumors. Management decisions regarding adjuvant therapy, prognosis, and follow-up strategies vary with the histologic diagnosis. Specialized surgical and stereotactic techniques have evolved to provide the neurosurgeon with an array of safe and effective options for obtaining a tissue diagnosis. Advanced microsurgical techniques combined with improved preoperative management and postoperative critical care methods have made aggressive surgical resection a mainstay of management. Aggressive surgical resection has resulted in excellent long-term prognoses for nearly all patients with benign tumors and a large percentage of patients with malignant tumors. However, pineal region surgery remains fraught with potential pitfalls, and these favorable results are dependent on an advanced level of surgical expertise.

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(modified with permission from Diane Abeloff; from [90])

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(from [115])

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(ac from [79]; d from [116])

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(from [116])

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(a from [79]; b from [117])

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(from [117])


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VIDEO 1: Resection of Pineal Region Tumors: Supracerebellar Infratentorial Approach. (MP4 334617 kb)

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VIDEO 1: Resection of Pineal Region Tumors: Supracerebellar Infratentorial Approach. (MP4 334617 kb)

VIDEO 2: Resection of Pineal Region Tumors: Occipital Transtentorial Approach. (M4 V 118704 kb)

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