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Sarcoma metastatic to the brain: a series of 35 cases and considerations from 27 years of experience

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The authors report their 27-year experience regarding 35 cases of supratentorial brain metastasis from sarcoma treated in a single institution: these included ten osteosarcomas, seven leiomyosarcomas, five Ewing sarcomas, four malignant fibrous histiocytomas, three alveolar soft-part sarcomas (ASPS), two rhabdomyosarcomas, one liposarcoma, and three unclassified sarcomas. The first 15 cases of the series have already been described in a previous publication. Median survival after craniotomy was 9.8 months (range: 4–24). In patients with preoperative Karnofsky performance score (KPS) > 60 it was 12.8 months (range: 6.5–24 months) versus 5.4 months for those patients with a KPS ≤ 60 (P = 0.01). Eight patients had more than one lesion, six of which were treated in the last ten years. Of the three patients with ASPS, the first two were alive at 15 and 20 months (before being lost to follow-up) whereas the third patient is alive at 24 month follow-up. The authors conclude that surgery is more effective in treating selected patients with sarcoma metastatic to the brain, and that patients with metastasis from ASPS have good prognosis when submitted to surgical treatment. The complete removal of all brain metastases “en bloc” and a KPS > 60 are associated with the best prognosis. Finally, it seems that surgical indications for multiple brain metastases from sarcoma have increased during the last ten years.


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