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Sellar angiolipomas: two case reports and a review of the literature

  • Danijela Kolenc
  • Kamelija Žarković
  • Hrvoje Jednačak
  • David Ozretić
  • Mario HabekEmail author
Clinical-Patient Studies


Angiolipomas are mesenchymal hamartomas composed of abnormal blood vessels and mature adipose tissue, most commonly found in the subcutaneous tissue of the extremities. Intracranial location is extremely rare, and only five cases have been described in the sellar region. We report on two patients that were initially diagnosed with pituitary adenomas that were postoperatively verified as angiolipomas. Sellar angiolipomas should be considered in the differential diagnosis of pituitary lesions due to the potential catastrophic bleeding during surgery. Preoperative diagnosis is very difficult; however, some MRI characteristics can help make an accurate diagnosis. Adequate MRI sequences should be used in the evaluation of pituitary lesions, as they can help optimize the microsurgical management.


Pituitary Angiolipoma Sellar region Differential diagnosis 



Study concept and design: Kolenc, Žarković and Habek. Acquisition of data: Kolenc, Žarković, Jednačak and Ozretić. Analysis and interpretation of data: Kolenc, Žarković, Jednačak, Ozretić and Habek. Drafting of the manuscript: Kolenc and Habek. Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content: Kolenc, Žarković, Jednačak, Ozretić and Habek. Administrative, technical, and material support: Kolenc, Jednačak, Ozretić and Habek.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Danijela Kolenc
    • 1
  • Kamelija Žarković
    • 1
  • Hrvoje Jednačak
    • 2
  • David Ozretić
    • 3
  • Mario Habek
    • 4
    Email author
  1. 1.University Department of NeuropathologyZagreb School of Medicine and University Hospital CenterZagrebCroatia
  2. 2.University Department of NeurosurgeryZagreb School of Medicine and University Hospital CenterZagrebCroatia
  3. 3.University Department of RadiologyZagreb School of Medicine and University Hospital CenterZagrebCroatia
  4. 4.University Department of NeurologyZagreb School of Medicine and University Hospital CenterZagrebCroatia

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