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Migrantenliteratur in Italien und Europa: Modelle Im Vergleich



Actually, migration literature can be defined as a planetary phenomenon for at least two reasons: on the one hand its literary discourse accompanies the migration stream directed to Europe and Northern America, on the other it exercises an important impulse on European national literatures opening them to the world. In fact, before absorbing the concept of national literature in European literature, which is still more problematic, it should be used to highlight the development, the themes and the different questions characterizing the coming out of translingual and transcultural writers in Europe, as one of the effects of its national, colonial and imperial past. This paper focuses on the migrant literature Italy, comparing it then with the same phenomenon in France, in England and in Germany. The importance of such a comparison is given by basic themes like the critical and literary evaluation of the postcolonial question, which is very much discussed in France and in England but removed by the collectivity and worked out only recently on the creative plain in Italy. This situation enables us to see some point of contact between the Italian letteratura migrante and the German Migrantenliteratur, which has less recent origins but is also struggling for getting access into national histories of literature.

The comparison between different national patterns is therefore used to point out some common questions such as some differences, in order to give a contribution to the right evaluation of an authentically European phenomenon in a worldwide context.


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