Recent advances on Fe- and Mn-based cathode materials for lithium and sodium ion batteries

  • Xiaobo Zhu
  • Tongen Lin
  • Eric Manning
  • Yuancheng Zhang
  • Mengmeng Yu
  • Bin Zuo
  • Lianzhou WangEmail author
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The ever-growing market of electrochemical energy storage impels the advances on cost-effective and environmentally friendly battery chemistries. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are currently the most critical energy storage devices for a variety of applications, while sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) are expected to complement LIBs in large-scale applications. In respect to their constituent components, the cathode part is the most significant sector regarding weight fraction and cost. Therefore, the development of cathode materials based on Earth’s abundant elements (Fe and Mn) largely determines the prospects of the batteries. Herein, we offer a comprehensive review of the up-to-date advances on Fe- and Mn-based cathode materials for LIBs and SIBs, highlighting some promising candidates, such as Li- and Mn-rich layered oxides, LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4, LiFe1-xMnxPO4, NaxFeyMn1-yO2, Na4MnFe2(PO4)(P2O7), and Prussian blue analogs. Also, challenges and prospects are discussed to direct the possible development of cost-effective and high-performance cathode materials for future rechargeable batteries.


Cathode materials Iron-based Manganese-based Lithium ion batteries Sodium ion batteries Energy storage 



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