Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of growth of Ge quantum dot multilayers with amorphous matrix

  • Jan Endres
  • Václav Holý
  • Stanislav Daniš
  • Maja Buljan
Research Paper


Kinetic Monte Carlo method is used to simulate the growth of germanium quantum dot multilayers with amorphous matrix. We modified a model for self-assembled growth of quantum dots in crystalline matrix for the case of the amorphous one. The surface morphology given as hills above the buried dots is the main driving force for the ordering of the quantum dots. In the simulations, we observed a short-range self-ordering in the lateral direction. The ordering in lateral and vertical direction depends strongly on the surface morphology, mostly on the strength how the deposited material replicates previous surfaces.


Quantum dot Multilayer Amorphous Kinetic Monte Carlo Modeling and simulations 



The work was supported by the Czech Science Foundation (project no. 14-37427G). M. B. acknowledges the support of the Croatian Science Foundation (project no. 2334). The authors thank Martin Mixa for providing the source code of his simulation program which was modified for our purpose.

Compliance with ethical standards


This study was funded by the Czech Science Foundation (project number 14-37427G) and Croatian Science Foundation (project number 2334).

Conflict of interest

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsCharles UniversityPragueCzech Republic
  2. 2.Ruđer Bošković InstituteZagrebCroatia

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