Development of novel FePt/nanodiamond hybrid nanostructures: L10 phase size-growth suppression and magnetic properties

  • A. P. Douvalis
  • A. B. Bourlinos
  • J. Tucek
  • K. Čépe
  • T. Bakas
  • R. Zboril
Research Paper


A new type of hybrid nanomaterial composed of magnetic FePt nanoparticles grown on the surface of nanodiamond nanotemplate assemblies is described for the first time. Post annealing in vacuum of the as-made nanomaterial bearing cubic A1 soft magnetic FePt nanoparticles leads to the development of FePt nanoparticles with tetragonal L10 hard, magnetic-phase characteristics, leaving untouched the nanodiamond nanotemplate assemblies. X-ray diffraction, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy including chemical mapping (HRTEM/HAADF), magnetization measurements, and 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy data show that the magnetic FePt nanoparticles, with average sizes of 3 and 8 nm in the as-made and annealed hybrids, respectively, are homogenously distributed within the nanodiamond template in both nanomaterials. As a consequence, their structural, morphological, and magnetic properties differ significantly from the corresponding properties of the nonsupported (free) as-made and annealed FePt nanoparticles with average sizes of 6 and 32 nm, respectively, developed by the same methods. This spatial isolation suppresses the size-growth of the FePt nanoparticles during the post-annealing procedure, triggering superparamagnetic relaxation phenomena, which are exposed as a combination of hard and soft magnetic-phase characteristics.


Nanodiamonds–FePt nanoparticles nanohybrids Size-growth-suppression Structural–magnetic properties Transmission Electron Microscopy Mössbauer spectroscopy 



The authors acknowledge the support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (LO1305). The authors also acknowledge the assistance provided by the Research Infrastructure NanoEnviCz, supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic under Project No. LM2015073.

Supplementary material

11051_2016_3424_MOESM1_ESM.docx (1.4 mb)
Additional TEM images of the as-made and annealed free FePt and hybrid FePt/NDs samples; ZFC and FC magnetic susceptibility versus temperature measurements of all samples under an applied magnetic field of 0.10 T (DOCX 1390 kb)


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  • A. B. Bourlinos
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  • J. Tucek
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  • K. Čépe
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  • T. Bakas
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  • R. Zboril
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  2. 2.Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of SciencePalacký University OlomoucOlomoucCzech Republic

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