Nanoporous carbon supported metal particles: their synthesis and characterisation

  • Yunxia Yang
  • Liangguang Tang
  • Nick Burke
  • Ken Chiang
Research Paper


In the current work, a simplified hard templating approach is used to synthesise metal (Ag, Rh, Ir and Pt) containing structured carbon. The target metals are first introduced into the NaY zeolite template by wetness impregnation. The metals are carried in the super cages of the zeolite and subsequently embedded in the final structures after the steps of carbonisation and the template removal. Scanning electron microscopy images have confirmed that the carbon structures produced by this method retain the morphology of the original template. Transmission electron microscopy reveals the presence of dispersed metal particles in all the carbon structures produced. The metal loadings in these templated structures can reach 35 wt% without significant losses of surface areas and pore volumes. Selected carbon supported metals are tested for their catalytic activity for the methanation of carbon monoxide. The finding suggested that this method is effective in preparing metal nanoparticles for use as catalysts.


Carbon supported catalysts Templated carbon Structured carbon Dispersed metal nanoparticles 



The authors are grateful for CSIRO and Monash University for providing financial support. Author Y.-X. Yang thanks for the work conducted under the PhD supervision by Professor Paul A. Webley and Professor Dongyuan Zhao at the Department of Chemical Engineering in Monash University in Australia.


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  • Yunxia Yang
    • 1
  • Liangguang Tang
    • 1
  • Nick Burke
    • 1
  • Ken Chiang
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  1. 1.CSIRO Earth Science and Resource EngineeringMelbourneAustralia

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