Ordered quantum-ring chains grown on a quantum-dot superlattice template

  • Jiang Wu
  • Zhiming M. WangEmail author
  • Kyland Holmes
  • Euclydes MaregaJr.
  • Yuriy I. Mazur
  • Gregory J. Salamo
Brief Communication


One-dimensional ordered quantum-ring chains are fabricated on a quantum-dot superlattice template by molecular beam epitaxy. The quantum-dot superlattice template is prepared by stacking multiple quantum-dot layers and quantum-ring chains are formed by partially capping quantum dots. Partially capping InAs quantum dots with a thin layer of GaAs introduces a morphological change from quantum dots to quantum rings. The lateral ordering is introduced by engineering the strain field of a multi-layer InGaAs quantum-dot superlattice.


Quantum ring Molecular beam epitaxy Ordering Atomic force microscopy Photoluminescence 


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  • Jiang Wu
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  • Zhiming M. Wang
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    Email author
  • Kyland Holmes
    • 2
  • Euclydes MaregaJr.
    • 2
  • Yuriy I. Mazur
    • 2
  • Gregory J. Salamo
    • 2
  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated DevicesUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaChengduPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Arkansas Institute of Nanoscale Materials Science and EngineeringUniversity of ArkansasFayettevilleUSA

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