Random nanoparticle deposition: inter-particle distances in 2D, 3D, and multilayer samples

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We consider diluted assemblies of particles randomly distributed on a surface (2D samples), in a volume (3D samples) or in 2D layers separated with a spacer of thickness t (multilayer samples). Among various considerations on the inter-particle separations, a special interest is given to the nearest-neighbor distance distribution. We also discuss the influence of the particle size, by looking at the edge-to-edge distance, and analyze the particle distribution beyond the nearest-neighbor. Moreover, we investigate the particular case of multilayer samples, which to our knowledge has never been discussed. Finally, we experimentally illustrate the applicability of the random deposition model.


Random cluster deposition Nanoparticle assemblies Nearest-neighbor distance Multilayer nanoparticle samples Surface science 



The author acknowledges A. Tamion for fruitful discussions.


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