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Serodiagnosis of Mycoses Using Recombinant Antigens

  • Natalia Elguezabal
  • Fernando Lopitz-Otsoa
  • Ana Laín
  • Iñigo Fernández de  Larrinoa
  • María Dolores Moragues
  • José Pontón
Mycopathologia Review


The early diagnosis of mycoses is important for the institution of an effective antifungal therapy. Detection of antibodies against crude antigenic extracts is one of the standard techniques for the diagnosis of most mycoses. However, while these crude antigenic extracts are relatively easy to obtain, they usually show low reproducibility and are not very specific, since antibodies from patients with different mycoses may show cross-reactivity. The application of molecular biology techniques to the study of fungal antigens has allowed the production of recombinant antigens that may help to solve these problems. The purpose of this review is to discuss the use of recombinant fungal antigens in the diagnosis of mycoses.


diagnosis mycoses recombinant antigens 


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  • Iñigo Fernández de  Larrinoa
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