Multidimensional perfect reconstruction filter banks: an approach of algebraic geometry



In image compression and some other applications, multidimensional filter banks are gaining their popularity due to the decrease in implementation cost. In this article, we study these filter banks from a viewpoint of algebraic geometry, where some insights are emerging. Familiar properties, such as perfect reconstruction and linear phase, appear differently when studied from this new angle. For the sake of practicability and a better understanding of problems, our focus in this work is further restricted to the filter banks that can achieve linear phase and perfect reconstruction properties. According to different symmetry nature, the filter banks are categorized into two types. Filters in a multidimensional filter bank represented by multivariate polynomials have common zeros that are different in nature from their 1D counterparts. In this work, the relation between the above-mentioned properties and various zeros is investigated. A criterion to test such filter banks is proposed and this criterion is also interpreted in resultant theory. Based on these results, as well as a proposed conjecture, a factorization of lifting scheme is presented for one type of these filter banks. For the other type of filter banks, we propose a method on perfect reconstruction completion.


Filter banks Perfect reconstruction Linear phase Common zeros Factorization Lifting scheme Groebner basis Resultant 


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