Experimental investigation of influence of alternating cyclic loadings on creep behaviors of sandstone

  • Chongfeng Chen
  • Tao XuEmail author
  • Guanglei Zhou
  • Tao Qin


Cyclic stress variation induced by mining activities has a significant effect on the stability of surrounding rock and mining pillar in deep underground engineering. The influence of alternating cyclic loading and unloading tests on creep behavior of sandstone was investigated to explore the mechanism of the effect of the cyclic stress variation on the stability of rock. Firstly, a series of uniaxial constant strain rate and multi-step monotonic creep tests of sandstone were carried out to determine the maximum high loading stress and the minimum low loading stress in the alternating cyclic creep tests. Then the alternating cyclic loading and unloading creep tests were conducted to investigate the effects of loading paths and loading histories of cyclic high stress creep and low stress creep on the creep behavior of sandstone. Acoustic emission events, axial strain rate and lateral strain rate were also analyzed. The experimental results show that loading paths and loading histories of high stress creep and low stress creep have a significant influence on the alternating cyclic creep behavior of sandstone. The loading paths could accelerate the damage in the rock sample, which can be demonstrated by much larger plastic strain occurring in the damaged sample and larger viscous strain in the creep behavior of less damaged sample. The loading histories could increase viscous strain and plastic strain in the damaged sample. The maximum and the minimum loading stresses determined by the unstable crack threshold provide the basis of the unstable cracks growth in rock sample. The work presented in the present paper is helpful to understand the mechanical behaviors of rock mass under cyclic underground mining activities.


Creep behavior Damage cracks Volumetric compaction Volumetric dilatancy Alternating cyclic creep tests 



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  2. 2.Xi’an Research InstituteChina Coal Technology and Engineering GroupXi’anChina
  3. 3.Heilongjiang Ground Pressure and Gas Control in Deep Mining Key LabHeilongjiang University of Science and TechnologyHarbinChina

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