Design of online display platform for analysis and prediction of enterprise investment target based on image text analysis

  • Yong JinEmail author


This paper studies the new model of analysis and prediction of enterprise investment targets, combines image text analysis technology, and designs a display system using multimedia technology, and then evaluates the model. Enterprise investment decision-making involves financial management, Market Research and other issues. It is necessary to evaluate the positioning of the investment field and the expectation of getting a report. It is also necessary to make a comprehensive evaluation based on the status quo of the research field and the assets and experience accumulation of the enterprise itself. Image text analysis technology is good at effectively utilizing the explosive growth of massive resources, extracting really useful and effective information from them, selecting appropriate methods to describe retrieval objects and corresponding search methods are the focus of this paper. Based on image text research technology, this paper carries out an analysis and prediction model of enterprise investment target and evaluates it. At the same time, in order to better show the model, this paper uses the most suitable display of multimedia technology, give full play to its advantages.


Multimedia Image text analysis Investment target Forecasting scheme 



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