A copy-move image forgery detection technique based on Gaussian-Hermite moments

  • Kunj Bihari Meena
  • Vipin TyagiEmail author


Images are one of the most prominently used digital information sharing medium now a days. Due to availability of state-of-the-art image editing tools it has become very easy to forge an image. Among various types of image forgeries, copy-move (region-duplication) forgery cases are emerging very frequently. In copy-move image forgery one or more regions of an image are replicated within the same image. In this paper, a new robust copy-move image forgery detection technique is proposed using Gaussian-Hermite Moments (GHM). The proposed technique divides the input image into overlapping blocks of fixed size and then the Gaussian-Hermite moments are extracted for each block. The matching of similar blocks is done by sorting all the features lexicographically. The experimental results show that the proposed technique can locate the copy-move forged regions in a forged image very accurately. The proposed technique shows promising results in the presence of various post-processing operations scaling, blurring, color reduction, adjustment of brightness, rotation, and JPEG compression.


Gaussian-Hermite moments Image forgery Image forgery detection Copy-move forgery Key-point Passive forgery detection Post-processing Tampering detection 



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