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Improvement of age estimation using an efficient wrinkles descriptor

  • Imad Mohamed OuloulEmail author
  • Zakaria Moutakki
  • Karim Afdel
  • Abdellah Amghar


Lately, automatic age estimation from facial images is in demand because of the usage of this technique in different fields including security, demographic analysis, access control and vending machines control. However, age estimation is difficult to conduct due to the aging process features’ evolution complexity, such as the face shape and skin wrinkles. In this context, we propose a new descriptor called Local Matched Filter Binary Pattern (LMFBP) designed specifically for the detection and extraction of skin wrinkles. This descriptor is based on exploiting both the Matched Filter and the texture operator Local Binary Pattern (LBP). The Matched Filter handles the detection of wrinkles using template matching between the approximate shape of wrinkles and the face image patches. Furthermore, the LBP operator encodes the response of the Matched Filter into pattern codes to build the histogram of skin aging feature. The fusion of local features provided by the LMFBP with the global features of the appearance enabled us to propose a new age estimation method. In this method, we adopted the hierarchical approach in the learning phase, in order to consider the varying aging process from one age stage to another. The proposed age estimation method has been tested on both FGnetAD, HQfaces and PAL datasets, and the results provided are 4.95, 3.65 and 5.33 in terms of MAE, respectively. These results prove the efficiency of the proposed approach when compared to the state-of-the-art age estimation methods.


Age estimation Facial images Biometrics Wrinkles Local matched filter binary pattern 



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