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Study of digital image processing techniques for leaf disease detection and classification

  • Gittaly Dhingra
  • Vinay Kumar
  • Hem Dutt Joshi


In this paper, we address a comprehensive study on disease recognition and classification of plant leafs using image processing methods. The traditional manual visual quality inspection cannot be defined systematically as this method is unpredictable and inconsistent. Moreover, it involves a remarkable amount of expertise in the field of plant disease diagnostics (phytopathology) in addition to the disproportionate processing times. Hence, image processing has been applied for the recognition of plant diseases. The paper has been divided into two main categories viz. detection and classification of leafs. A comprehensive discussion on the diseases detection and classification performance is presented based on analysis of previously proposed state of art techniques particularly from 1997 to 2016. Finally, discussed and classify the challenges and some prospects for future improvements in this space.


Computer vision Image analysis Plant leaf diseases Feature extraction Segmentation Classifiers 


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