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A robust video watermarking algorithm based on singular value decomposition and slope-based embedding technique

  • Hongyuan Chen
  • Yuesheng ZhuEmail author


In this work, we propose a robust watermarking algorithm for video copyright protection. The proposed algorithm is characterized by four key features. First, a robust feature obtained by singular value decomposition is selected to embed the watermark. Second, a novel slope-based embedding technique is developed to embed a 1-bit watermark into several successive blocks in the temporal direction, thus enhancing the robustness against global attacks. Third, an embedding location selection method is used to give priority to blocks with small variations that can enhance the visual quality of the watermarked video. Fourth, a temporal synchronization method is introduced to effectively withstand temporal synchronization attacks. The experimental results demonstrate that our scheme has good imperceptibility and is robust against various attacks, such as noise addition, filtering, gamma correction, lossy compression, scaling, frame dropping, frame insertion, and frame averaging. Furthermore, the watermark can be extracted using only some side information rather than the original video, which makes the scheme more practical.


Video watermarking Singular value decomposition Slope-based embedding Copyright protection 



This work was supported by the “Shuang Bai Project” of Shenzhen Research Program, and 973 Program #2012CB315904, China.


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  1. 1.Communication and Information Security Lab, Shenzhen Graduate SchoolPeking UniversityShenzhenChina

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