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Video text detection and localization in intra-frames of H.264/AVC compressed video

  • Xueming Qian
  • Huan Wang
  • Xingsong Hou


Video texts are closely related to the video content. The video text information can facilitate content based video analysis, indexing and retrieval. Video sequences are usually compressed before storage and transmission. A basic step of text-based applications is text detection and localization. In this paper, an overlaid text detection and localization method is proposed for H.264/AVC compressed videos by using the integer discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients of intra-frames. The main contributions of this paper are in the following two aspects: 1) coarse text blocks detection using block sizes and quantization parameters adaptive thresholds; 2) text line localization according to the characteristics of text in intra frames of H.264/AVC compressed domain. Comparisons are made with the pixel domain based text detection method for the H.264/AVC compressed video. Text detection results on five H.264/AVC video sequences under various qualities show the effectiveness of the proposed method.


Text detection DCT coefficient H.264/AVC Integer DCT AC coefficient Intra prediction 



This work is supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Project No.60903121, No.61173109, and Foundations of Microsoft Research Asia.


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