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Interactive multi-user video retrieval systems

  • Marco Bertini
  • Alberto Del Bimbo
  • Andrea Ferracani
  • Lea Landucci
  • Daniele Pezzatini


In this paper we present two interactive multi-user systems for video search and browsing. The first is composed by web applications which allows multiuser interaction in a distributed environment; such applications are based on the Rich Internet Application paradigm, designed to obtain the levels of responsiveness and interactivity typical of a desktop application. The second system implements a multi-user collaborative application within a single location, exploiting multi-touch devices. Both systems use the same backend, based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) that provides services for automatic and manual annotation, and an ontology-based video search and browsing engine. Ontology-based browsing let users to inspect the content of video collections; user queries are expanded through ontology reasoning. User-centered field trials of the systems, conducted to assess the user experience and satisfaction, have shown that the approach followed to design these interfaces is extremely appreciated by professional archivists and people working on multimedia.


Video retrieval Usability Multimedia ontologies Natural interaction 



The authors thank Giuseppe Becchi for his work on software development. This work was partially supported by the EU IST IM3I project (—contract FP7-222267).


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  • Marco Bertini
    • 1
  • Alberto Del Bimbo
    • 1
  • Andrea Ferracani
    • 1
  • Lea Landucci
    • 1
  • Daniele Pezzatini
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  1. 1.Media Integration and Communication CenterUniversity of FlorenceFlorenceItaly

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