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Combining spatial and temporal patches for scalable video indexing

  • Paolo Piro
  • Sandrine Anthoine
  • Eric Debreuve
  • Michel Barlaud


This paper tackles the problem of scalable video indexing. We propose a new framework combining spatial and motion patch descriptors. The spatial descriptors are based on a multiscale description of the image and are called Sparse Multiscale Patches. We propose motion patch descriptors based on block motion that describe the motion in a Group of Pictures. The distributions of these sets of patches are compared combining weighted Kullback-Leibler divergences between spatial and motion patches. These divergences are estimated in a non-parametric framework using a k-th Nearest Neighbor estimator. We evaluate this weighted dissimilarity measure on selected videos from the ICOS-HD ANR project. Experiments show that the spatial part of the measure is relevant to detect different sequences, while its motion part allows to detect clips within a sequence. Experiments combining the spatial and temporal parts of the dissimilarity measure show its robustness to resampling and compression; thus exhibiting the spatial scalability of the method on heterogeneous networks.


Scalable video indexing Sparse multiscale patches descriptors Motion patches descriptors Kullback-Leibler divergence 



The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of W. Belhajali in the experiments conducted here.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Paolo Piro
    • 1
  • Sandrine Anthoine
    • 1
  • Eric Debreuve
    • 1
  • Michel Barlaud
    • 1
  1. 1.I3S lab., Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis / CNRSSophia Antipolis CedexFrance

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