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, Volume 61, Issue 3–4, pp 217–221 | Cite as

Some Principles of Alloying of Aluminum Alloys with Scandium and Zirconium in Ingot Production of Deformed Semiproducts

  • V. V. ZakharovEmail author
  • I. A. Fisenko

Two principles of alloying are suggested for creation of aluminum alloys sparingly alloyed with scandium, which intensify the metastability of the process of crystallization in continuous casting of ingots. The first principle consists in keeping a one-to-one scandium-to-zirconium proportion, for example, 0.11% Sc and 0.11% Zr. The second principle consists in multicomponent alloying with transition and rare-earth metals, which intensifies the metastability of crystallization.

Key words

aluminum alloys scandium and zirconium components continuous casting of ingots metastable equilibrium widening of the range of solid solution 


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  1. 1.“VILS” Company (All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys)MoscowRussia

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