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Cost optimization of PV-Diesel Systems in Nanogrid Using L J Cuckoo Search and its Application in Mobile Towers

  • C. MurugesanEmail author
  • C. N. Marimuthu


Nano-grids are a replication of large electricity grids resembling their model but only on a smaller scale to locations that are not accessible easily and the connectivity of grid is not possible. Generally, these are used in remote hilly regions where there can be a renewable source of energy. For the purpose of stand-alone nano-grid, an algorithm which is simple to determine the required Photo Voltaic (PV) panel, a Diesel Generator (DG) along with battery models are used. To utilize these effectively, investigation of the algorithm has been done so as to calculate the capacity of the generator unit whose power system is dependable along with reduced cost. Many methods have been used which can be iterative with artificial modes of intelligence which are reported in order to design energy system which is hybrid and renewable and technically and economically optimal. Cuckoo Search (CS) is a robust algorithm for optimal sizing which takes its inspiration from the breeding behavior of cuckoo. Region size determination is incorporated through the Luus and Jaakola (LJ) optimizing technique, which helps in improving the computational efficiency. Convergence speed and reliability of CS and LJ are compared in achieving the global optimum.


Nano-grid Photo voltaic (PV) array Diesel generator (DG) Renewable energy Cuckoo search (CS) and Luus and Jaakola (LJ) 


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  2. 2.Department of Electronics and Communication EngineeringNandha Engineering CollegeErodeIndia

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