Mobile Networks and Applications

, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 171–209 | Cite as

Big Data: A Survey

  • Min ChenEmail author
  • Shiwen Mao
  • Yunhao Liu


In this paper, we review the background and state-of-the-art of big data. We first introduce the general background of big data and review related technologies, such as could computing, Internet of Things, data centers, and Hadoop. We then focus on the four phases of the value chain of big data, i.e., data generation, data acquisition, data storage, and data analysis. For each phase, we introduce the general background, discuss the technical challenges, and review the latest advances. We finally examine the several representative applications of big data, including enterprise management, Internet of Things, online social networks, medial applications, collective intelligence, and smart grid. These discussions aim to provide a comprehensive overview and big-picture to readers of this exciting area. This survey is concluded with a discussion of open problems and future directions.


Big data Cloud computing Internet of things Data center Hadoop Smart grid Big data analysis 



This work was supported by China National Natural Science Foundation (No. 61300224), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), China, the International Science and Technology Collaboration Program (Project No.: S2014GAT014), and the Hubei Provincial Key Project (No. 2013CFA051). Shiwen Mao’s research is supported in part by the US NSF under grants CNS-1320664, CNS-1247955, and CNS-0953513, and through the NSF Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center (BWAC) site at Auburn University.


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