Mobile Networks and Applications

, Volume 12, Issue 2–3, pp 113–127

Pervasive Healthcare and Wireless Health Monitoring



With an increasingly mobile society and the worldwide deployment of mobile and wireless networks, the wireless infrastructure can support many current and emerging healthcare applications. This could fulfill the vision of “Pervasive Healthcare” or healthcare to anyone, anytime, and anywhere by removing locational, time and other restraints while increasing both the coverage and the quality. In this paper, we present applications and requirements of pervasive healthcare, wireless networking solutions and several important research problems. The pervasive healthcare applications include pervasive health monitoring, intelligent emergency management system, pervasive healthcare data access, and ubiquitous mobile telemedicine. One major application in pervasive healthcare, termed comprehensive health monitoring is presented in significant details using wireless networking solutions of wireless LANs, ad hoc wireless networks, and, cellular/GSM/3G infrastructure-oriented networks. Many interesting challenges of comprehensive wireless health monitoring, including context-awareness, reliability, and, autonomous and adaptable operation are also presented along with several high-level solutions. Several interesting research problems have been identified and presented for future research.


mobile and wireless networks pervasive healthcare applications location management ad hoc wireless networks 


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