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The five glucose-6-phosphatase paralogous genes are differentially regulated by insulin alone or combined with high level of amino acids and/or glucose in trout hepatocytes

  • Marandel Lucie
  • Dai Weiwei
  • Panserat Stéphane
  • Skiba-Cassy Sandrine
Short Communication


A recent analysis of the newly sequenced rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) genome suggested that duplicated gluconeogenic g6pc paralogues, fixed in this genome after the salmonid-specific 4th whole genome duplication, may have a role in the setting up of the glucose-intolerant phenotype in this carnivorous species. This should be due to the sub- or neo-functionalization of their regulation. In the present short communication we thus addressed the question of the regulation of these genes by insulin, hormone involved in the glucose homeostasis, and its interaction with glucose and amino acids in vitro. The stimulation of trout hepatocytes with insulin revealed an atypical up-regulation of g6pcb2 ohnologues and confirmed the sub- or neo-functionalization of the five g6pc genes at least at the regulatory level. Intriguingly, when hepatocytes were cultured with high levels of glucose and/or AAs in presence of insulin, most of the g6pc paralogues were up-regulated. It strongly suggested a cross-talk between insulin and nutrients for the regulation of these genes. Moreover these results strengthened the idea that g6pc duplicated genes may significantly contribute to the setting up of the glucose-intolerant phenotype in trout via their atypical regulation by insulin alone or in interaction with nutrients. These findings open new perspectives to better understand in vivo glucose-intolerant phenotype in trout fed a high carbohydrate diet.


Glucose-6-phosphatase Duplicated genes Insulin Amino acids Glucose 



We thank E. Plagnes-Juan for technical assistance for hepatocytes cultures. We also acknowledge the technical staff of the INRA experimental facility at Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle (P. Aguirre and Y. Mercier). W. Dai gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance provided by the China Scholarship Council (CSC, File No. 2011633111) for his doctoral fellowship.


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  • Marandel Lucie
    • 1
  • Dai Weiwei
    • 1
  • Panserat Stéphane
    • 1
  • Skiba-Cassy Sandrine
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  1. 1.Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)Nutrition, Metabolism, Aquaculture (UR1067)Saint-Pée-sur-NivelleFrance

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