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Effect of metabolic syndrome risk factors and MMP-2 genetic variations on circulating MMP-2 levels in childhood obesity

  • Vanessa A. Belo
  • Marcelo R. Luizon
  • Patrícia C. Carneiro
  • Valéria A. Gomes
  • Riccardo Lacchini
  • Carla M. M. Lanna
  • Debora C. Souza-Costa
  • Jose E. Tanus-Santos


Matrix metalloproteinase-2 is involved in the development of the adipose tissue, and associated with cardiovascular diseases. Metabolic risk factors (MRFs) and functional polymorphisms in the MMP-2 gene may affect its expression and activity. We investigated whether traditional MRFs and two MMP-2 gene polymorphisms (C−1306T; rs243865, and C−735T; rs2285053) affect circulating MMP-2 levels in children and adolescents, and whether MMP-2 polymorphisms and/or haplotype are associated with susceptibility to childhood obesity. We studied 114 healthy controls, 43 obese, and 83 obese with ≥3 MRFs children and adolescents. Genotypes were determined by Taqman allele discrimination assay and real-time PCR. Plasma MMP-2 was measured using zymography. We found positive correlations between MMP-2 concentrations and mean blood pressure in all children and adolescents group (r = 0.132; P < 0.05) and in obese children and adolescents (r = 0.247; P < 0.01). We found that the CC genotype for the C−1306T polymorphism was more common in subjects with higher MMP-2 concentrations in controls (P = 0.003) and in the obese group (P = 0.013). The CT genotype (OR = 0.40; P < 0.01) and the T allele (OR = 0.48; P < 0.01) for the C−735T polymorphism were less common in obese children and adolescents than in controls. The haplotypes distribution did not show significant differences between control and obese (P > 0.05). Ours findings show that blood pressure is associated with circulating MMP-2 concentrations, and that the CC genotype for the C−1306T polymorphism was more common subjects (controls and obese) with higher MMP-2 concentrations, whereas the CT genotype and the T allele for the C−735T polymorphism are less common in obesity.


Matrix metalloproteinase-2 Hypertension Childhood obesity Polymorphisms 


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  • Marcelo R. Luizon
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  • Patrícia C. Carneiro
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  • Valéria A. Gomes
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  • Riccardo Lacchini
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  • Carla M. M. Lanna
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  • Debora C. Souza-Costa
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