Genetic mapping and validation of quantitative trait loci for stigma exsertion rate in rice

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Stigma exsertion rate is a key factor which influences the efficiency of hybrid seed production in rice. To clarify the genetic basis of stigma exsertion rate, a recombinant inbred line population was developed from two superior rice cultivars, Zhongguo Xiangdao (ZX) and Chuanxiang 29B (CX29B), and a total of 11 quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for stigma exsertion rate were detected over 2 years. Two QTLs on chromosome 1 and four QTLs on chromosome 6 formed two QTL cluster regions, qSe1 and qSe6, respectively. To further validate the effect of qSe1 and qSe6, the near-isogenic lines (NILs) of the two QTL cluster regions were constructed with the genetic background of CX29B. Compared to CX29B, CX29B (qSe1 ZX), the NIL carrying homozygous qSe1 regions from ZX, showed a dual stigma exsertion rate increased by 18.35 % and a single stigma exsertion rate increased by 16.24 %; in contrast, CX29B (qSe6 ZX), the NIL carrying homozygous qSe6 regions from ZX, showed a dual stigma exsertion rate decreased by 16.87 % and a single stigma exsertion rate decreased by 20.47 %. Therefore, the qSe1 region from ZX and the qSe6 region from CX29B have positive effects on improvement of stigma exsertion rate and would be very useful in rice breeding.

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This work was partially supported by grants from the National High Technology Research (2012AA101102), the National Program on Research and Development of Transgenic Plants of China (2011ZX08001-001, 2011ZX08001-002), the Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture (CARS-01-03, 2011-Z66) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31171617).

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Correspondence to Yuqing He.

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  • Rice
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