A facile and efficient multicomponent ultrasound-assisted “on water” synthesis of benzodiazepine ring

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A facile and efficient multicomponent synthesis of benzodiazepine ring in water under ultrasound irradiation is reported first time. The current procedure escapes traditional chromatography and purification process and provided the product in excellent yields of 95% as compared to conventional methods. The approach was also validated on gram-scale synthesis.

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Authors are thankful to CIFC, IIT (BHU) for instrumentation facilities and to IIT (BHU) for financial support in the form of TA (teaching assistantship).

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Correspondence to Sundaram Singh.

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  • Ultrasound irradiation
  • Water synthesis
  • Isatin
  • 1,3-Dicarbonyl
  • 1,2-Phenylenediamine