Synthesis of (E)-2-amino-N′-benzylidenehexahydroquinoline-3-carbohydrazide

  • Milad Masoumi
  • Fahimeh Sadat Hosseini
  • Mohammad BayatEmail author
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A one-pot, multi-component protocol for the synthesis of a new class of functionalized quinoline carbohydrazide derivatives via reaction of various anilines, dimedone, aromatic aldehydes, and cyanoacetohydrazide is described. The reactions are completed in the presence of catalytic amount of piperidine, respectively, in melt conditions and then in ethanol/water (1:1) as green solvent at 80 °C. Mild conditions, green medium, short reaction times, simple workup and purification process with no chromatographic technique, and good yields are the main advantages of this method.

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Multi-component protocol Quinoline carbohydrazide derivatives Anilines Dimedone Aromatic aldehydes Cyanoacetohydrazide 

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