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A Network of Influential Friendships: The Fondation Pour Une Entraide Intellectuelle Européenne and East–West Cultural Dialogue, 1957–1991

  • Nicolas GuilhotEmail author


For 34 years, the Fondation pour une entraide intellectuelle européenne was involved in promoting cultural dialogue across the Iron Curtain. This article looks at its relations with the Congress for Cultural Freedom, its agenda, and its impact on intellectual debates. It also analyses the ideological evolution of this organization after the 1960s and its transformation as it merged into the Open Society Foundation created by philanthropist George Soros.


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This paper was first presented at a conference on ‘Anti-Americanism and International Relations’, held in Budapest, 16–17 September 2005. For their comments, the author would like to thank the participants, as well as Volker Berghahn at Columbia University, Rémi Lenoir at the Centre de Sociologie Européenne, Lubor Jilek,␣the archivist of the Centre d’Archives Européennes in Coppet, Switzerland; the librarians at Yale’s Beinecke Library; and the Editor and referees of Minerva. Roselyne Chenu, Annette Laborey, and Jacques Rupnik have been kind enough to share their memories of the FEIE. Finally, I could not have read the Polish documents related to Konstantin Jelenski without the translations kindly provided by my father, Claude Guilhot.

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