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Humanities–Industry Partnerships and the ‘Knowledge Society’: The Australian Experience


National research policies are today driven by the concept of the ‘knowledge society’, in which development is deemed to follow the application of new ideas. Australia, like other countries, has encouraged partnerships between the universities and industry. This essay examines how Australian scholars in the humanities have responded to the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Projects. Their experience underlines the importance of viewing collaboration as social practice, and the need to find a satisfactory synthesis between academic and industry perspectives.

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Correspondence to Elizabeth Cassity.

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Cassity, E., Ang, I. Humanities–Industry Partnerships and the ‘Knowledge Society’: The Australian Experience. Minerva 44, 47–63 (2006). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11024-005-5412-9

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  • Research Council
  • Research Policy
  • Social Practice
  • Australian Research Council
  • Knowledge Society