Human enhancement: revisiting the ethical framework

  • Boris Eßmann
Review Article

Heilinger, J.-C., 2010, Anthropologie und Ethik des Enhancements, Berlin: DeGruyter. 317 pages. ISBN 978-3110223699. Price: € 69,95.

Nagel, S., 2010, Ethics and the Neurosciences. Ethical and social consequences of neuroscientific progress, Paderborn: Mentis. 400 pages. ISBN: 978-3897857100. Price: € 42,00.

The topic of enhancement has become an established and booming sector in ethics within the last decade. While an ever-expanding body of articles addresses either concrete empirical questions or general deliberations, examinations and suggestions of a thorough theoretical (or meta-ethical), yet practice and implementation-oriented form are scarce, by comparison. Saskia Nagel and Jan-Christoph Heilinger address one of the key issues of enhancement in their dissertations: the development of an applicable and practice oriented, yet theoretically profound position that can navigate through the various pitfalls of applied and theoretical focal problems.

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