Relief-Frequency Characteristics of Laser Scanners

  • V. A. SolomatinEmail author
  • D. A. Balabanova

The concept of the relief-frequency characteristic of laser scanners is introduced. The necessity of using the relief-frequency characteristic is substantiated with a description of the frequency properties of laser scanners. A procedure for experimental determination of the relief-frequency characteristic of laser scanners has been developed, and studies were carried out. It is shown that the relief-frequency characteristic makes it possible to estimate most precisely the error of the laser scanner and to determine the range of reproduced spatial frequencies when scanning a relief. The proposed procedure can be used to describe the metrological characteristic of laser scanners.


laser scanning spatial-frequency characteristic relief-frequency characteristic measurement error sampling convolution 


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  1. 1.Moscow State University of Geodesy and CartographyMoscowRussia

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