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On the Revision of the International System of Units (SI). Resolution 1 (CGPM 26th Meeting, Versailles, November 13–16, 2018)

The General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), at its 26th meeting, considering
  • the essential requirement for an International System of Units (SI) that is uniform and accessible world-wide for international trade, high-technology manufacturing, human health and safety, protection of the environment, global climate studies and the basic science that underpins all these;

  • that the SI units must be stable in the long term, internally self-consistent and practically realizable being based on the present theoretical description of nature at the highest level;

  • that a revision of the SI to meet these requirements was proposed in Resolution 1 adopted unanimously by the CGPM at its 24th meeting (2011) that laid out in detail a new way of defining the SI based on a set of seven defining constants, drawn from the fundamental constants of physics and other constants of nature, from which the definitions of the seven base units are deduced;

  • that the conditions set by the CGPM at its 24th...

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